So You Think You Can't Dance | Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking & Montana Tucker 

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Filius Flitwick
Filius Flitwick 12 órája
Love the accents
LailaMai Laila
Plot twist: they're actually finding extras for a movie.
gacha ice
gacha ice 2 napja
"he's a live robot" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"he doesn't have a billy botton" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tammy Gibbs
Tammy Gibbs 2 napja
fun hong justices ubdu fruit dxw gZsu
Xxlove cutiexX
She's lucky she know Ballet :(
Holly Wright
Holly Wright 3 napja
That’s a really good free style for a 14 year old! THE ROBOT DANCING IS SO GOOD!
roseann delcoure
Their voices
Shruti jain
Shruti jain 7 napja
So who are the judges of the show ?? Someone: lele and Hannah Montana ! 😂😂😂
Mali Wasacase
Mali Wasacase 7 napja
Can I borrow all those dancers to teach me :>
glitch games
glitch games 7 napja
The voices tho
sarah zahid
sarah zahid 8 napja
Montana is sooo beautiful and cutee
Even a 3 week fetus can laugh at this too
Lina ASMR 9 napja
3:33 i lost it
Lee Mei Fong
Lee Mei Fong 13 napja
Could someone tell me what’s the name of the song that was playing when lele,Hannah and Montana were dancing?
Elizabeth Ponce
Elizabeth Ponce 13 napja
That boy don 't dance good look at him lol
Elizabeth Ponce
Elizabeth Ponce 13 napja
Hahahahah lele i talk spanish too
Elizabeth Ponce
Elizabeth Ponce 13 napja
Elizabeth Ponce
Elizabeth Ponce 13 napja
Hannah is so crazy and lele too but montana is the best and lele is not a good dacner and hannah too
xxxcutecookiexxxUwU tofu chips
Hannah is so funny😆😆😆
Anel Dutoit
Anel Dutoit 15 napja
Jessica Mologadi
Lele is voice 😂😂😂and hannah is voice is funny
bless me
bless me 16 napja
It's funny when Lele and Montana actually can dance
susana puga
susana puga 17 napja
Mania Ejigu
Mania Ejigu 18 napja
Song name at last?
Lindsey Nguyen
Lindsey Nguyen 19 napja
Omg there so good
Lorena Callejas
Lorena Callejas 20 napja
Xuan Le
Xuan Le 21 napja
yn. fog. tv tvs
Juan Miguel Gutierrez
first one is a GUTIERREZ
Sophia Bannowsky
Hannah’s voice makes my throat hurt
Earl Christian Reducto
Lillia Miller
Lillia Miller 24 napja
The Art Rat
The Art Rat 24 napja
"Your never going anywhere with that beautiful talent" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omg I lost all of my brain cells lol I can't take it.
Cendi Ugues
Cendi Ugues 24 napja
Lol their voices
Shaw-Baa Ash
Shaw-Baa Ash 25 napja
"ThAt'S nOt A hUmAn, He'S mAdE oF sTeEl!!!" Im ded
harumi oshidare
harumi oshidare 25 napja
Eyad 1989
Eyad 1989 27 napja
Damn I love lele so much 🤯
Safiya Dukureh
Safiya Dukureh 27 napja
Wow that girl was 22 she looks like 14!
C Williams
C Williams Hónapja
I could go there(I dance horrible)
Andrei Lance Daliva
Lele dance is hilarious 😂😂😂😂
mathilda haufiku
Iela vakyou
Fria Elladora
Fria Elladora Hónapja
Tori-LaVonna Hall
Omigod barbie no XDDDDD
Yula Mulenga.
Yula Mulenga. Hónapja
LELE I love it when you do the voice
Ruri Al
Ruri Al Hónapja
Wow the second one was literally very talented 😍😍😍
tiger lillyy
tiger lillyy Hónapja
Please make video like this moreeeee
Josh Tyler
Josh Tyler Hónapja
Hi so I am a big fan
Muhammed Hasa
Muhammed Hasa Hónapja
ItsARobOtT - hannah stocking
Titus Katso
Titus Katso Hónapja
Wow 😂
Stan Loona
Stan Loona Hónapja
montana still dances good and she called it 'bad' akshkashha
Excelle Queen
Excelle Queen Hónapja
Melody Fuentes
Melody Fuentes Hónapja
What the heck their voices
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas Hónapja
The voices got me
amv for shipzz UwU
Montana and hannah Equals hannah montana😂😂😂
Susi Jimenez
Susi Jimenez Hónapja
remember when lele pons asked taehyung for his phone number and he gave him his manager's
Galaxy Wolfie
Galaxy Wolfie Hónapja
He doesn't have a belly button
bassam halak
bassam halak Hónapja
bassam halak
bassam halak Hónapja
It’s Grinder
It’s Grinder Hónapja
My ears hurt
Cerys Wilson
Cerys Wilson Hónapja
Hannah: He DoEsN’t HaVe A bElLy BuTtEn My dad: Not having a belly butten (he doesn’t have a belly butten)
Anu_ luvs roblox and gacha life
who is watching this so 2020 halloween 🎃.
Zoe Nathalie Alexis Lao
i love sheaden i'm kind of into boys that are kids even tall big
Kora Housley
Kora Housley Hónapja
Bro Hannah's voice what the frick
Emma Sanchez
Emma Sanchez Hónapja
Am the only one who thinks lele’s voice is so precious
Oxen The Otter
Oxen The Otter Hónapja
I love the voices😂
ItzItPinkes Hónapja
Everybody-Omg so good me- *The Voices tho* -
Zyierra Trujillo
i love u guys
Sam Reagans
Sam Reagans Hónapja
She’s to good she didint win;-;
Daliy Nightmare
Daliy Nightmare Hónapja
The 9year old girl id me snd the 14 year old is my brother
I want to be a pirate
I love all the voices
Ovi Aleman
Ovi Aleman Hónapja
The vois 😂😂😂
xX A l e x Xx
xX A l e x Xx Hónapja
Moses Williams
Moses Williams Hónapja
Let's just break it hmmmm wtf
Irene Noyola
Irene Noyola Hónapja
Faith Hansen
Faith Hansen Hónapja
Hannah: we were really hoping to get in the overcooked noodle on stage but we couldn’t even get that Me at home watching:🤣🤣🤣
m0ulayman_25 Hónapja
so funny😐
AJ Marcellano
AJ Marcellano Hónapja
ummm......... am i dumb?
m0ulayman_25 Hónapja
no you aren't but the people who think this video is funny are
Dreams Anasdreams
Con la bailarina... HANNA: hello it's me.. XD!! JAJAJA
Dreams Anasdreams
Con él Chico, el Segundo participante. HANNA: in The mame of love XD!!! JAJAJA
Why read The name of someone you don't know
3:38 my Ken doll trying to prove barbie he's worthy of being her boyfriend
Aina Ainite
Aina Ainite Hónapja
ramaa kale
ramaa kale Hónapja
That second contestant was amazing
Narelle Ruddock
Narelle Ruddock Hónapja
*The fact that one of the judges are the best dancers ever and she wants a terrible performance* ❤️😂
C h o c o M i l k
Jessica Leena
Jessica Leena 2 hónapja
MigrantAxis26 2 hónapja
This is the worst video ever made
Jellydonutlover :0
Jellydonutlover :0 2 hónapja
Me still watching this in 2020 laughing
raining tacos
raining tacos 2 hónapja
i love the second boy's dance style a lottt hes great :]]] the first girl is so young but so damn talented-
kemoyah Gordon
kemoyah Gordon 2 hónapja
are we just gonna ignore the fact of how good these ppl are tho
Youtuber Gamer678
Youtuber Gamer678 2 hónapja
Hannah voice is ass
Liyana Alveena
Liyana Alveena 2 hónapja
Lele's voice the whole time tho😂😂😂😂
Vesa Zeka
Vesa Zeka 2 hónapja
I think ima save my last brain cell for something important because of there voices
Zoe C
Zoe C 2 hónapja
“He dose not have a bellyboy” 😂
ItsJordii 2 hónapja
Lele: "HELLOO" Hannah: "Its meee, I was wondering if I could-" Lele again: "ok you know what" Hannah: "sorry" Me: "ok that's it I'm dead"
DEcAYeD YT 2 hónapja
It’s like they think their audience is so mentally retarded that they will laugh at anything so they put on these voices not even a 3 month old embryo would find This shit funny
Emily Saesee
Emily Saesee 2 hónapja
Lol hannah's voice
The J fam
The J fam 2 hónapja
Hanana's voice is beautiful
•Marshmello .Wolf•
I hope no kids are offended while making this video 😂😂😂
Agnes Lam
Agnes Lam 2 hónapja
First contest of nine years she copied my same outfit
areesha musani
areesha musani 2 hónapja
lol lele your voice is like a doll saying
Yashmita Sipani
Yashmita Sipani 2 hónapja
The ending dance which they did was hillarious I am laughing so hard that it took me half in hour to write this
Jessica Mologadi
Jessica Mologadi 2 hónapja
They rock
Random kaylee
Random kaylee 2 hónapja
I kind miss the way the make videos 😩🥺
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