Lele Pons - Celoso | Live from Latin American Music Awards (2018) 

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Lele Pons
Lele Pons 2 évvel
Love you❤️
Mark Wharton
Mark Wharton 2 hónapja
Diamond Richards
Diamond Richards 3 hónapja
Lele I love you so much and I watch you every single day please notice me 🥺❤️
Kory Lopez
Kory Lopez 3 hónapja
Good Job , Lele 😍😍 Keep doing what your doing 🙈
News flash guys grown women can choose not to wear bras it ain't the end of the world
Tara Anderson
You have a huge future in music ahead of you and I hope you keep trying
Noelia Jaimes
Noelia Jaimes 2 napja
Cruz Osorio
Cruz Osorio 4 napja
Efrain Morales
I love your videos you sing
Thư Luu
Thư Luu 5 napja
Tuyệt vời
Marcos Presa
Marcos Presa 6 napja
Vaveahau Teraaitepo
Dyo Beezer
Dyo Beezer 6 napja
Te amo lele pins by dyogeorge
Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown 8 napja
EVEN if she wasn't wearing a bra like everyone is saying , so what iys her body and she dresses how SHE wants. She had the confidence to go up there with having tics, tourets ocd and depression And sing to over 4k ppl SO JUST BC SHE ISNT WEARING A BRA the song is outstanding and yo see how far she has come aswell was so heart warming
lovey jhajj
lovey jhajj 9 napja
Nice beat
Ahmad Arekat
Ahmad Arekat 9 napja
That slap though 👌
How nise the 😁👍👌 music
Killer Shadow
Killer Shadow 10 napja
I love this!!!!❤
Camila Isaine
Camila Isaine 11 napja
No se emglish xd
Itz destiny Blackman
Who's watching in November 2020
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 12 napja
Se que me celas si yo te veo..., mi Ileana Contreras.
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 12 napja
Mi Ileana Contreras, tiene dinero pero yo también trabajo.
Stella Wah
Stella Wah 13 napja
I Love The Outfit And I Just Wanna Say Your BEAUTIFUL!
Xx 3my xX
Xx 3my xX 13 napja
Ever notice you can sing a song in a different language....... But you dont know what your saying.......
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 14 napja
Yo le hago..., mi Cristo Marcio.
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 14 napja
...no necesito que me pague a mi los tragos... mi Cristo Gamma.
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 14 napja
...yo me meneo.., mi Cristo Gamma.
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 14 napja
..ya te lo dije más de una vez...mi Cristo Gamma.
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 14 napja
Que quieres ron pom pom pom pom..., mi Cristo Gamma.
Divi Rodriguez
Divi Rodriguez 14 napja
Cinco de la mañana solo pa' ve quien esta en mi cama...mi Crista.
Its_Cookie AmiUvU
I just wanna say somthing that in her funny videos she looks really tomboyish and in all of her singing videos and her makeup and stuff she’s really pretty
Marisabel aguilar
Nadie absolutamente nadie : Todos los comentarios: en inglés la canción: en español Jajaja
ROME -FF 17 napja
I dont speak spanish but its very good
Lalpuia Puia
Lalpuia Puia 19 napja
I like this song 😍💟💓
Маја Марјановић
She is dancing amazing, the hard dance, on heels! I am shocked.
Luthando Radebe
Luthando Radebe 23 napja
I love this song even though I don't understand a single word
Molly Arisbeth
Molly Arisbeth 26 napja
no entiendo si esta es una canción en español y todos comentan en ingles yo se que lele es de estados unidos y les entiendo a sus comentarios pero no ya se lo voy a escribir en ingles whait you write in inglish whoth is a music of sphanish
Lord Pipero
Lord Pipero 18 napja
Pues ella es venezolana
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Wendy Yu
Wendy Yu 28 napja
I love your videos your so pretty I love your songs btw
Ay dios, alguien habla español?
LEMAKI 29 napja
It kinda is like she is the ringmaster and they are at the circus with all the other performers and acrobats because of their outfits and the sign with the lights... the whole vibe is circusy and I loveee it :D
Areli Guzman
Areli Guzman 29 napja
Buena música!
angel perez
angel perez Hónapja
me sorprendio esta muñeca canta bien
Lonnette Kellman
040 omera amazon I'm Oreo in ago Amy Amora is memory
Selin Cennet Gülmez
Welcome to burlesque ❤️
NexneBee Hónapja
lele no dejes que los matones te atrapen demasiado, celoso de lo mucho que progresas! ¡Sigue viviendo tu felicidad!
NexneBee Hónapja
idk spanish but I tried
Renata is the day you can **🧸🍩🍬🍫🎂💞💝🧇🍨🍰🍧💋💄😘😗😘🥰😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🥳😻💄🧚‍♀️🚶💅🏼👨‍👩‍👧
Julieth Diaz
Julieth Diaz Hónapja
wow eres venezoloana eso no lo savia
Julieth Diaz
Julieth Diaz Hónapja
porque tu nombre artístico es lele
Julieth Diaz
Julieth Diaz Hónapja
i have a cuestion what nikc lele?
Lavez Russ
Lavez Russ Hónapja
Lilly Legg
Lilly Legg Hónapja
You always make me Happy 😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😀😀😀😀
Belinda Guzmán Gutiérrez
Belinda Guzmán Gutiérrez
Love Lele pons
2rawjayde Hónapja
Hey lele
Ashtar Jokhio
Ashtar Jokhio Hónapja
She should quit comedy and sing instead, she’s good at something
one person
one person Hónapja
LETRA de la canción: español COMENTARIOS: ingles HOTEL: trivago
Nicol Bath
Nicol Bath Hónapja
Than u see some weird circles in her out fit and realize she is wearing no bra 😧
Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon Hónapja
Me:watching this My mom: that’s lele pons right Me:ya...... Mom: GET OCD so you can become like her Note( I’m not doing this to hurt her feelings that she has it :) I just thought what my mom said was I little funny
Xxlιl_тяυєиιтσ xX
parese un playback xd
Aimee Molloy
Aimee Molloy Hónapja
You are so good at Singing
Lolo Haj
Lolo Haj Hónapja
Lol, I love how everyone is rejecting that she have a good voice, that's a fact, she is talented and y'all are not used to it so you're just rejecting it
Jennifer Carlisle
She is so sexy
Marisol Salazar
Marisol Salazar Hónapja
Who is here in oct 16/2020???????? Me okay🥀
Chloe S
Chloe S Hónapja
Sara ortiz
Sara ortiz Hónapja
david aduk
david aduk Hónapja
I like Lele pons
jpzjada12 Hónapja
I’m barely thing with but wow 🤗
jpzjada12 Hónapja
I meant to say I am barely saying this but wow ha sorry
Celeste Gonzal
Celeste Gonzal Hónapja
me: idc if i watched this 1M+ times I'm watching it again 2020 me- STILL WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Celeste Gonzal
Celeste Gonzal Hónapja
@•ReinasPups• XD
sthe sousa
sthe sousa Hónapja
Perfeitaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️
Alonso Lopez
Alonso Lopez Hónapja
un poco dura la lele, pero muuy buena
Claudia Amado
Claudia Amado Hónapja
Lele is honestly the greatest person I have ever met well I have never met her but still she the greatest Love you lele XOXO
Julia Itzel Pérez González
ARTISTA: Venezolana CANCION: Español COMENTARIO: Ingles
Maddy Herrera
Maddy Herrera Hónapja
I remembered when this went on live tv i was only watching her.
Julie Tinajero
Julie Tinajero Hónapja
its 2020 and am still watching this song is sooo gooood
Jordyn Hunter
Jordyn Hunter Hónapja
you are a great singer and can you keep making spanish beacuase this is my fav song
Jo'El Ravarra II
You have a great voice.
Crystal Ariana
Crystal Ariana Hónapja
I bet he does mileiq I bet he likes me better
Ishtifa Damapatriya
Try not to be rude or anything but Do you know that "lele" in indonesia means catfish. But i REALLY LOVE THIS SONG
myrtw summer
myrtw summer Hónapja
I love this song, great performance!!!
myrtw summer
myrtw summer Hónapja
Very nice Lele , we love you
Abigail Ayala
Abigail Ayala Hónapja
Alguien me explica porque hay tantos comentario en inglés cuando la cancion esta en español 😂❤
نورة نيزري
يانها فخمهههها اودي اقابلها في حياتي عشان اخذ توقيع منها
Nathan Potter
Nathan Potter Hónapja
Lelee you made 2018 better and listening to it in 2020 is AMAZING
Adela Gorcevic
Adela Gorcevic Hónapja
I like her Style Go Lele
Linnéa Fridén
Linnéa Fridén Hónapja
0:49 y’all heard that clap too right? XD
Renata Paredes
Renata Paredes Hónapja
Sahir Sewraj
Sahir Sewraj Hónapja
Queen of youtube
I want to be a pirate
Omg love the outfits
Dasharrell Oden
Dasharrell Oden Hónapja
I love her music 🥰🥰
Reagan gaming Channel Roblox and Among Us game
I LIKE IT LELE🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😙😙😙😙😙😙
Prinita Pillay
Prinita Pillay Hónapja
Halema Shah
Halema Shah Hónapja
It was very obviously lip synced... o_o
Jenchulichaeng ฅ'ω'ฅ
It wasn't i am pretty sure they were just backing vocals you can even hear her clap
Carla Montiel
Carla Montiel Hónapja
She should polish her dancing before performing in public. She seemed stiff and nervous
Edson Gart
Edson Gart Hónapja
Para mi eso no es cantar 😂
yanet espinosa
yanet espinosa Hónapja
Yasss go QUEEN
isselix0 Hónapja
Still cant think whos better in shots studios RUDY OR LELE
isselix0 Hónapja
@Alexandra yes ikr
Alexandra Hónapja
Rudy is really talented but Lele is too ...this is a hard decision 😂
Alan Ayazyam
Alan Ayazyam Hónapja
I swear I can smell the perfume
Benjamin Saz
Benjamin Saz Hónapja
Naomi Valentina Guerrero Hetnandez
Habla españo mas seguido plsssss
Tabitha Scott
Tabitha Scott Hónapja
Does it matter if shes wearing a bra no becuase she freaking slayed
x x
x x Hónapja
Monica Davis
Monica Davis Hónapja
Lele Pons X Guaynaa: Se Te Nota