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Lele Pons
Lele Pons 2 évvel
Maivymouga Hónapja
I kinda like homework
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX Hónapja
Not me but am starting not liking it
Argentlam 2 hónapja
Shut up
Gacha_potatopeeps XO
Not me
yuzu yui
yuzu yui 5 hónapja
Of course meeeeeeeeeee😆😆😆
Jennie Byrd
Lele is a baddie no cap
emelyn estrada
i burned my homework
butt cheeks
WTF Lele 😂
SPVlogging 2 napja
Lol in india, if we misbehave a little bit, the tutors just kill us or hit us with a slipper, or hang us upside down lol
guffin 909
guffin 909 2 napja
I don't know if the character is supposed to be stupid or if the character actually has a mental disability.
Shrish C
Shrish C 4 napja
0:57 i like that face
Sanchez Bheby
Sanchez Bheby 4 napja
Wait lele Square root of four is not ten its eight.....
Callmegryphon 5 napja
Im lost for words, faces aren't comedy im pretty sure
aree ditsakan
aree ditsakan 5 napja
Where is everybody's homework?!!
Elle take the home work and the teacher is like where’s all the home work 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍
Elisa Reyes
Elisa Reyes 7 napja
Do you ever just wanna 🤜🏻👩🏼 When she said “cold”
Oof The Gamer
Oof The Gamer 7 napja
That math tutor do be talking like a sim
sab chan
sab chan 7 napja
My grade ist 80 to 89 ist okay and bonita lele pons 😍😍😍
Kenneth Davidson, II
I love homework
Yanni Macôo
Yanni Macôo 12 napja
Everyone and me:homework is hard My cosin:I love homework Everyone:who are you
Alyazia Alhosani
Yanni Macôo
Yanni Macôo 12 napja
Mrsfartcracker Reee
I’m just like Lele :3
Keith Collins
Keith Collins 12 napja
Honestly most of the views are people who came from Cody Ko’s video
Bella Pusheen
Bella Pusheen 13 napja
Every body hates homework😌
Asmin Dogan
Asmin Dogan 14 napja
Oooo Read more
Luna Vickers
Luna Vickers 14 napja
this is my favourite HUrun videos of all time!!
Nature Soul
Nature Soul 15 napja
Do people find these funny wth
Tik Tok Memes
Tik Tok Memes 15 napja
I wanna do this 😅 to my teacher 😂
ko ree
ko ree 16 napja
Lexi Does stuff
Lexi Does stuff 16 napja
Turn captions on at 1:37 whoever made them is a legend 😂
Cazry 16 napja
Fuck Homework😡😡😡
Colette Clemetsonn
I do
Bojana Gostojic
Bojana Gostojic 18 napja
The end is sooooo coooollll
Yazank123 Kahla
Yazank123 Kahla 18 napja
Who would know what pie is like wtf
Yazank123 Kahla
Yazank123 Kahla 18 napja
Just search up the answers
The cooler I will defeat I will defeat Justin Y.
who here a chodester ahaha
Yaiden Summerville
Lele pons Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hoa To
Hoa To 21 napja
Roasted but don't do that
Karina Nava
Karina Nava 22 napja
Color changing soup Mahboobi
Meee “duh”
Tycoon World
Tycoon World 23 napja
I probably got expelled If I act like u lol
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ AJ_Swirl
Wait what did fei just say
Malia Peart
Malia Peart 24 napja
lmao love ur vids✨💕
Issyplaysgames 27 napja
Who’s classroom is designed Iike that 😀
Yohaan Philip Jose
awesome but the video ended suddenly
A'laun Jones
A'laun Jones 29 napja
Jada Cornwall
Jada Cornwall Hónapja
I love homework
Lyn Shin
Lyn Shin Hónapja
Nice one lele every budy saying oooo
Minty Vibes_only
How is your homework is not here even something cool for people to say OOOOOOO
Kito Santana
Kito Santana Hónapja
Kenzie waters
Kenzie waters Hónapja
Lele I have been your fan for a whoke 2 years i support you no matter what it would do make my day uf you said hi PS/ I am having a terrible day
Emmie Pineda
Emmie Pineda Hónapja
Emmie Pineda
Emmie Pineda Hónapja
Shield Hónapja
Lele I love all of your videos
Mwa Hónapja
The end though crazy I did not see that coming
Liv _fun
Liv _fun Hónapja
I’d just look up the awnser I’m to much of an idot to figure it out
Ari Greer
Ari Greer Hónapja
jonathan pillsbury
it’s good how youtube put this in my recommendations after 2 years and i’m on a school zoom call rn😂😂😂
Karuki 4 órája
wait you actually find this funny
Liyah K
Liyah K Hónapja
Alex reger
Alex reger Hónapja
She is so pretty, and funny!
Apolonio Sanchez
Like how every one says oooohhhh
Interesting-san Hónapja
You guys have to be dicks to find this funny
Dark Killer
Dark Killer Hónapja
1:54 when I don't understand what my teacher said
BeastMode Hónapja
Who doesn't
Simply M a s h m e l o w
If the tutor said cold lele will say hot like if you agree
María laura Molina parra
Hola Lele Yo soy de Venezuela 🇻🇪
Grace Sun
Grace Sun Hónapja
no, you didn't just roast that teacher in the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Chuckles Power
So your telling me you lost my homework oooo I’m telling you that you didn’t turn your homework oooo will I don’t have it and I gave it OOO your homework is not here oooOo check again OOOOO Detention OOOOO okay will I have to tell the principal that you lost my homework OOOOOOO you see class that example of a bad Student Dude: * looks down * where’s everybody homework OOOOO Lele Pons: *throws the homework like it was nothing * Me:OOOOOOO ITS RAiNG HOMEWORK
Yvonne's vlogging channel- Ypurple
Lol lele pons is so funny hahaha💖💖😂
Ali Elyassi
Ali Elyassi Hónapja
Lily Pons Ricky does your hair because my mom met you before
Ali Elyassi
Ali Elyassi Hónapja
My name is mila and my mom met you her name is Maggie
Lynda Almanza
Lynda Almanza Hónapja
Omg I Love you videos lele
Delecia Benjamin
I love this video
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas Hónapja
I wish there was rating on HUrun so I can rate this cuz i,d make it at full
Ichinaru Hónapja
Smart should try it
Cloudy-vibes! im a person
I’m literally that I know nun answers lol
Funny Edits
Funny Edits Hónapja
I never saw a more relatable title!!
Winter Rblx
Winter Rblx Hónapja
I agree with the title
Sky. moon UwU
Sky. moon UwU Hónapja
It won’t let me comment on leles comment so I’ll say it here Homework is useless
straynaut Hónapja
haha funny face go brrrrr
Ataleyah Ragio
Ataleyah Ragio Hónapja
It’s Aaliyah again so I really really really really really really really want to subscribe to your channel and my mom want to get me because she really likes me to like not really do you want to look at me talking to people I’m like I can’t subscribe to people so if you try to subscribe to you guys but I can’t but have a good day
Ataleyah Ragio
Ataleyah Ragio Hónapja
ATAHi it’s Anna Leah I know you don’t know me yet but you will get to know me eventually but I am really really young I’m only seven I want to turn eight but my my birthday is on Halloween and I’m so thankful it’s on Halloween and it’s October 31 and I’m so excited for it but have a good day bye
Zippy Hónapja
Congrats to the home-schooled 10-year-old detached from reality that clearly wrote this.
Zippy Hónapja
@KickXWeeb X Gee, what gave it away?!
KickXWeeb X
KickXWeeb X Hónapja
You really have something against this vid don't you 😂
Ben McRae
Ben McRae Hónapja
When she gets satisfied by the ruler 🤣
flake master
flake master Hónapja
This is AMAZING!!!!!!
Izabella Alcime
Izabella Alcime Hónapja
I love Lele face😂😂
Taimur Nausherwani
We reallydo not like homework
SS-Preston Hónapja
Uh I’m watching this when I’m doing hw
Pranay Manna
Pranay Manna Hónapja
Ooohhhhh god that was so savage 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leman Mustafazade
What is the name of music in the end?
Kiutsel Lopez
Kiutsel Lopez Hónapja
I literally Love moving the ruler like lele did 😂 it’s so fun and satisfying
Gacha bunny
Gacha bunny Hónapja
Hi Lele
Subramaniam jeyenthiran
Now listen to me carefully : Gsbjznbfdhdjksnsjdbdhdhbxjdbsjbdhdjdjdhaklabdibxhyeieiehvcj
Subramaniam jeyenthiran
I love how she makes that face when she plays with the ruler
Subramaniam jeyenthiran
I love how she makes that face when she plays with the ruler 📏
Elise Chan-Kai
Elise Chan-Kai Hónapja
What is pi? Delicious! 🥧
sunflower _baby
sunflower _baby Hónapja
Wake celbainec
kunal bhor
kunal bhor Hónapja
She's totally mad 😂😂🤣
ItzRackz Hónapja
julianna galvan reyres
Omg im a fan
Ms Muffin
Ms Muffin Hónapja
You funny you the funny king hehe