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Stories from our Future is in partnership with Netflix inspired by fan homages to the Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ anthology series “Black Mirror.”
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Lele Pons
Lele Pons Évvel
Thanks for watching! Watch more stories from our future here hurun.info/to/vide/qZ1_pW6Nqoqiz6s.html
Venny Langlands
Venny Langlands 7 hónapja
Stay kind and confident 😊 btw love you and your videos ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💘💝💕💞💓💗🖤🤍🤎
H 1
H 1 8 hónapja
Yee yee :3
Yee yee :3 Évvel
I scared
The Matthews Family
pito knjomn
pito knjomn Évvel
Your videos ar Shit
Mango Juice
Mango Juice 7 órája
it was so epic lele can actually be an actress comedy , thriller ,suspence all in one i love u lele
Emily J
Emily J 4 napja
STRIKING VIPERS. Wow this is amazing
Jerred Moschetta
i like it
Masey 7 napja
This is like a mini black mirror episode
Arielle Duntin
That is the best video I have ever watched
Muhammad Ibrahim
Bruh this turned out to be so dark lmao I thought it was another comedy sketch shittttt
Adriana Lancerio
I don`t really get it
Elmo !
Elmo ! 14 napja
Jeff 🔥❤
squiddy lildy
squiddy lildy 15 napja
Wow loved it
Taslima Akter
Taslima Akter 16 napja
It was so good
mwape mwansa
mwape mwansa 21 napja
This is amazing 👏
Pablo Valladares
This is like that one black mirror episode
Pablo Valladares
This is creepy as the music sounds like It’s theme from the new movies
Sirine Gheribi
Sirine Gheribi 23 napja
Humans this is really happening they are making those things
Sirine Gheribi
Sirine Gheribi 23 napja
Wow the world is going to be like this one day
Elena Chiritescu
This will be our future for sure! :( So sad!
Christine Sudan
Christine Sudan 25 napja
ok but jeff needs to be in a movie tho
BeeAspect 29 napja
Damn that’s scary
Sajeesh Aadharsh
Dude am I the only one who thinks this concept is low-key psychotic
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hónapja
Deathplayer Hónapja
That’s a good idea that’s like having 2 live lol o wish this invention would be real 😞
Sam Yehia
Sam Yehia Hónapja
This was directed by Rudy!! He's so talented
Andrew Price
Andrew Price Hónapja
Great job!
Ayden Projain
Ayden Projain Hónapja
Did this remind anyone else of black mirror
sahalxp 666
sahalxp 666 Hónapja
I get it is like this Unknown: HI Unknown:HI and so and so whatever 😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 im dumb
Oussama Hassad
Oussama Hassad Hónapja
inspired from black mirror ?
Yolanda Mendoza
Yolanda Mendoza Hónapja
Reminds me of SAO
Jaime Faux
Jaime Faux Hónapja
I feel like the music conveyed so much.
Esprit Dance
Esprit Dance Hónapja
Omg the ending
Ms. Vogue
Ms. Vogue 2 hónapja
This was actually sso good!
Bjørk Schultz
Bjørk Schultz 2 hónapja
Oh I thought ngage was getting engaged lol
Zaiba Mohammed
Zaiba Mohammed 2 hónapja
Jeff and Lele are cute toghether
shruthie seshan
shruthie seshan 2 hónapja
To be honest....I don't want this kind of future you know.....sooo much technologically involved and all....we r using technology indeed ....but this level ...like the time when inserting NGAGE chips....isn't my forte....
Niana Leausa
Niana Leausa 2 hónapja
Is this real life
Dina AG
Dina AG 2 hónapja
Damn jeff is so good looking he had a horrible accident and still absolutly attractive its insane
Tejas Singh
Tejas Singh 2 hónapja
this was not good ill like the video but not cool
•Charmaine• love
The list just keeps on going
•Charmaine• love
I love this
Zoetat93 videos
Zoetat93 videos 2 hónapja
Wtf is this
Marceliho ReppettoTobias
I was waiting for them to sing🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣👹😂😂😂😂
Renaissa Das
Renaissa Das 2 hónapja
It's just wow.... amazing
ツsoph 2 hónapja
omfg this is better than when rudy did hus Domino video this is amazing
andres peñagil
andres peñagil 2 hónapja
tu siempre la das
Abhijith Satheesh
Abhijith Satheesh 2 hónapja
Seriously jeff killed it 🔥🔥❤️ i never thought he could do serious role 🥰
mahendra mohanty
mahendra mohanty 2 hónapja
I really hope I'm long gone by the time this technology comes in. AMAZING VIDEO THO
Sankalp Kalangutkar
Hang the dj is overrated
Ry Ry
Ry Ry 2 hónapja
jeff needs to be in a movie
Edgey Gaming
Edgey Gaming 2 hónapja
This video scares me 3 m
mez l
mez l 2 hónapja
what in the striking vipers
Amanda Royo
Amanda Royo 2 hónapja
im in love with jeff
Mr. Marooni
Mr. Marooni 2 hónapja
the man's desire to get laid has brought him many disasters throughout the history. GOD help all.😭😭😭
Viji Raju
Viji Raju 2 hónapja
Aichuk Debbarma
Aichuk Debbarma 3 hónapja
Woooowwww.... Such an amazing story.....
Lele is the best she is funny 😂
Cinder Relicx
Cinder Relicx 3 hónapja
Holy shit thats good-
Cinder Relicx
Cinder Relicx 3 hónapja
God damn it his names mike- now i think of my dad every gid damn time
Køøćie eateř
Køøćie eateř 3 hónapja
What the f- the beginning was CRAZY 🤯🤯 I want and need a nice healthy beautiful future Not this AND HE'S MARRIED💍 WITH THREE KIDS🤯🤯
Poe Kaw Sher
Poe Kaw Sher 3 hónapja
Omg I thought that was Taylor Swift in “the man” lol
Ice Berg
Ice Berg 3 hónapja
That was, really really good. Holy
Rakuzen 3 hónapja
The technology is futuristic indeed but everything else, it's just another crime story that goes something like... "I think he's cheating on me. Let me set up a trap so that I can convince myself and everyone that he's cheating on me." 💀
ali 3 hónapja
I am. Six .Aelia akword
ali 3 hónapja
Madankumar Singh
Madankumar Singh 3 hónapja
Jeff from Blog squad here ppl
yalda F
yalda F 3 hónapja
So beautiful 💔😭
Vivian Thach
Vivian Thach 3 hónapja
4:11 rudy was on tv
Sayon Nath
Sayon Nath 3 hónapja
SAO Vibes fs
Kim X
Kim X 3 hónapja
This is scary . They make technology look so realistic that they’re already planning to chip us
ii.nxtalie_. ii
ii.nxtalie_. ii 4 hónapja
This is creepy
purplegamingworm 911
Up them on this would be cute af:(
Alexis Duarte
Alexis Duarte 4 hónapja
I should of known... it’s just a futuristic feminist organization that catch cheaters and ruin their lives😑. If you purposely make them cheat then how are you doing good?
Jjk 2026
Jjk 2026 4 hónapja
the lioness catches her prey
Kay- Gem
Kay- Gem 4 hónapja
Jeff having kids that's not with me just doesn't sit right with me.
Valeria Ramirez
Valeria Ramirez 4 hónapja
Who’s watching in 2020?
Lee Jack
Lee Jack 4 hónapja
This is like the mark of the beast
Hussein Sheik
Hussein Sheik 4 hónapja
Do part 2
X_patato_x Party
X_patato_x Party 4 hónapja
This 99.9% that this could happen where is the other % I don’t know at 5:52 it kinda scared me of how he’s just looking at the celling
Patrick Ford
Patrick Ford 4 hónapja
jeff would make a great dad
Levi Grant
Levi Grant 5 hónapja
jeffs acting 10/10
mads hunter
mads hunter 5 hónapja
also jeff’s acting in this🥺🙈
mads hunter
mads hunter 5 hónapja
ok hi jeff is bae
h a n n a h x
h a n n a h x 5 hónapja
okay thats so creepy. thinking about how *WE YOUNG ONES* will be.
-Strawberry Milk-
-Strawberry Milk- 5 hónapja
*me finally realizing what's happening* OHHHHHHHHHHHH
Matharage Prasad
Matharage Prasad 5 hónapja
NoName 5 hónapja
Never thought I would enjoy a Lele Pons video, but here I am.
NJ Nexgen
NJ Nexgen 5 hónapja
No one should deserve that fate. It's like limbo
lyserk 5 hónapja
black mirror but with viners
YtPlayer . Com
YtPlayer . Com 5 hónapja
Who else saw the anonymous say f*** you
Terezie Nečasová
Terezie Nečasová 5 hónapja
We should stay away from virtual reality and visualising. It's dangerous.
Scarlette Diever
Scarlette Diever 5 hónapja
Here are where the books found (" The Lioness Catches Her Prey") 1:52 2:45 2:55
Nikesh Patel
Nikesh Patel 4 hónapja
Scarlette Diever nice carch
Sabina Pelaez
Sabina Pelaez 5 hónapja
Wait... is this on Netflix cause I’m down on watching this
Halie 5 hónapja
Oh wow!!!!!
Halie 5 hónapja
Did his wife poison him....
lol school
lol school 5 hónapja
Ok first they look at each other and smile in a min they start to talk
Mirabel Lebarim
Mirabel Lebarim 5 hónapja
Oh oh
Funny Edits
Funny Edits 5 hónapja
Jesus Jeff is so handsome
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson 5 hónapja
You, Rudy and Juanpa should make more cuz these are really good and you have all made one
PixelWølf 5 hónapja
it felt like i watched a movie.
Farah Mehdi
Farah Mehdi 5 hónapja
I dint knew Jeff could act I'm impressed
Aurora Sparks
Aurora Sparks 5 hónapja
Jeez! That plot twist hit me like a ton of bricks!
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